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As a vocal professional your voice is one of your greatest assets. That is why regular examinations are fundamental to continued success. Don’t wait until you have a problem to have your vocal health examined. It is easier to prevent a vocal problem than treat one that has existed for some time.

At the COVE we offer baseline annual vocal exams for early detection of any vocal cord abnormality or any unhealthy vocal habits. Prevention really is the best medicine. Don’t let anything hold you back from delivering your best performance today and for years to come.

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The Vocal Wellness Exam

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Vocal Wellness Exam

The Vocal Wellness Exam is essential to the vocal professional looking to stay healthy and protect one of your most valuable assets…your voice!

Designed around the distinct and unique needs of each professional, the Vocal Wellness Exam takes an in-depth assessment of your voice not only from a physical perspective but also from a performance and vocal mechanics point of view.

The Vocal Wellness Exam is a comprehensive means in identifying overall vocal health and subtle damaging vocal habits that can lead to many painful and career ending problems down the road. Providing you with a confidential baseline for all future exams, the Vocal Wellness Exam is a proactive way to detect any vocal issues, concerns, or diseases before it is too late.

The Vocal Wellness Exam Includes:

  • On-site Expert Voice Physician*
  • Real-time Vocal Cord Imaging
  • Digital Voice Analysis
  • Therapeutic Upper-Body Massage (Half Hour)
  • Summary Wellness Plan
  • Completely Confidential Exam & Findings
  • Total of two (2) hours of Expert Care and Attention

The Vocal Wellness Exam is ideal for the individual in good health looking to:

  • Be proactive with their vocal health
  • Extend their career and vocal quality
  • Establish a solid baseline for all future vocal exams
  • Identify any career ending problem areas early on
  • Obtain an off-record insurance policy examination



*Please Note: This is not a medical evaluation plan.  If a medical condition should be identified you may enroll in a Treatment Plan or we will refer you to an appropriate physician.

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