Half-Day Treatment Plan

Get Healthy

The Half-Day Treatment Plan is an invaluable resource for any vocal professional looking to get healthy after struggling from a recently developed vocal challenge or negative performance habit.

Built around the distinct differences in every professional’s life, the Half-Day Treatment Plan provides you with all of the essential benefits of the Vocal Wellness Exam continuing with a treatment program specifically designed to address and correct the areas that are hindering your performance and voice.

You will experience a relaxing and therapeutic upper body massage, a private vocal mechanics evaluation, and a personalized one-on-one treatment session in beautiful Pensacola, Florida.  Our team of experienced experts will create a treatment program that addresses your specific and unique vocal needs in order to get you back on your feet and into the game at a higher level than you ever experienced before.

Breakthrough Results

John C Maxwell and Mary Riesberg

So what does our friend John C. Maxwell have to say about the COVE?

Half-Day Treatment Plan

The Half-Day Treatment Plan Includes:

  • Pre-visit Medical Record Review
  • Professional Laryngeal Medical Evaluation
  • Real-time Vocal Cord Imaging
  • Digital Voice Analysis
  • Therapeutic & Diagnostic Upper-Body Massage (Half Hour)
  • Two (2) hours of On-site Expert Treatment
  • Written Treatment Plan Summary
  • Completely Confidential Exam & Findings
  • Two (2) hours of Follow-up Consultations
    or Remote Treatment Sessions via Skype
  • Lite Snacks Provided

 The Half-Day Treatment Plan is Ideal for the Individual:

  • Experiencing Recent Vocal Issues
  • Suffering from Vocal Discomfort or Pain
  • Needing to Break Bad Vocal Habits
  • Struggling to Maintain your Voice or Tone
  • Looking to Strengthen their Vocal Performance

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