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Half-Day Private Training Program

The Training Programs at the COVE are an invaluable resource for any vocal professional looking to bring their skills to the next level while instilling and maintaining good vocal habits.  We are dedicated to helping you effectively and confidently bring your message to your audience. Our Training Programs offer you a private, focused, high-intensity preformance workout with expert trainers by your side every step of the way.

From the mastery of basic presentation skills to the development of advanced vocal and performance techniques, your experience with the experts at the COVE will set you apart and serve as a catalyst in your career for years to come. With your customized performance training you will improve in areas needing attention while identifying and fueling your individual strengths. The optimal end results will allow you to set the world on fire with your unique and powerful voice. Our goal is to let your voice be heard and be a voice above the rest!

The Half Day Training Program Includes:

  • Private One-on-One Appointment
  • On-Site Expert Voice Physician*
  • Real-time Vocal Cord Imaging
  • Digital Voice Analysis
  • Therapeutic & Diagnostic Upper-Body Massage (Half Hour)
  • Two (2) hours of specific training to address performance and presentation skills
  • Total of four (4) hours of expert care and attention
  • Written Training Program Summary
  • Two (2) hours of Follow-up Consultations
    or Remote Training Sessions via Skype
  • Snacks Provided


*Please Note: These programs are not medical evaluation plans. If a medical condition should be identified you may enroll in a Treatment Plan or we will refer you to an appropriate physician.


Private Training Programs are ideal for the individual looking to:

  • Refine their vocal performance and presentation skills
  • Overcome communication barriers (fluency, articulation, accent)
  • Be a more effective communicator
  • Enter the world of entertainment or professional public speaking
  • Perform at a higher level and captivate your audience

Breakthrough Results

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