Full-Day Treatment Plan

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The Full-Day Treatment Plan is designed to bring answers and relief to the individual suffering from a chronic vocal condition or voice-altering medical mystery.

Starting with an extensive pre-exam team medical review, the Full-Day Treatment Plan takes an in-depth look at your symptoms far beyond the scope of most traditional diagnostic centers. Considering not only what you are currently experiencing, but what lead up to these crippling symptoms, our team of dedicated experts constantly ask themselves the question, “Why?” and keep researching your medical history until they find the root cause of your problem(s).

With this exclusive treatment program you will receive all of the benefits of the Half-Day Treatment Plan and experience continuing access to the COVE team of experts establishing a strong foundation for recovery. The Full-Day Treatment Plan allows for comprehensive on-site training in beautiful Pensacola, Florida.

Breakthrough Results

John C Maxwell and Mary Riesberg

So what does our friend John C. Maxwell have to say about the COVE?

Full-Day Treatment Plan

The Full-Day Treatment Plan Includes: 

  • Pre-visit Medical Record Review
  • Professional Laryngeal Medical Evaluation
  • Real-time Vocal Cord Imaging
  • Digital Voice Analysis
  • Therapeutic & Diagnostic Upper-Body Massage (Full Hour)
  • Six (6) hours of On-site Expert Treatment
  • Written Treatment Plan Summary
  • Completely Confidential Exam & Findings
  • Four (4) hours of Follow-up Consultations
    or Remote Treatment Sessions via Skype
  • Vocal Wellness Essentials Basket
  • One (1) Night of In Town Hotel Accommodations
  • Transportation, Lunch, and Snacks Provided

The Full-Day Treatment Plan is Ideal for the Individual:

  • Experiencing On-Going Vocal Issues
  • Suffering from Long-term Vocal Discomfort or Pain
  • Struggling to Maintain Balance in their Career and Life
  • Looking for Clear Answers and Results regarding their Vocal Wellness

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