Why Visit the COVE?

The Nations's Premier Vocal Wellness & Training Destination

Whether you are an internationally recognized superstar, singer, public figure, performer, speaker, or up-and-coming sensation the COVE offers you a personal, unique, and completely confidential spa-like experience set in the beautiful and relaxing Gulf Coast area of Florida.

At the COVE, you will be pampered by a team of professionals that truly understand your way of life and the high demands placed on you and your voice.

Performers from around the world come to the COVE for one, or all of the following reasons:

Get Healthy

The slightest vocal concern or medical condition can lead to career ending results for the vocal professional.  The COVE offers expert diagnosis and treatment to all aspect related to your voice.  We work with frequent concerns such as polyps, nodules, cysts, muscle tension and chronic cough to the most complex of vocal mysteries.  Your  vocal health is our highest priority.  

Stay Well
As a vocal professional your voice is one of your greatest assets.  That is why regular examinations are fundamental to continued success.  Don’t wait until you have a vocal problem to have your vocal health examined.  It is easier to prevent a vocal problem than treat one that has existed for some time.

Be Heard
Whether you are a seasoned veteran or an up-and-coming professional, the expert team at the COVE will work with you to optimize your talents and perform at an entirely new level.  Singers, speakers, stage performers, business executives, attorneys, ministers, and teachers from all over the globe have visited the COVE to learn how to better optimize, deliver, and command their performance.


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Breakthrough Results

John C Maxwell and Mary Riesberg

So what does our friend John C. Maxwell have to say about the COVE?