What is the COVE?

The Center of Vocal Excellence

The Center of Vocal Excellence™ (COVE) is the nation’s premier vocal wellness & training destination for all things voice.

Located in beautiful Pensacola, Florida, the COVE integrates both medical and non-medical professionals into one state-of-the art private facility providing all clients with the highest level of vocal care and performance training.

Established to provide exclusive service to all types of vocal professionals, you will not find a more knowledgeable and dedicated team committed to your vocal excellence.

On-Site Team Experts Include:microphone

  • Board Certified Laryngologists & Voice Physicians
  • World Renowned Vocalists & Trainers
  • Professional Speaking Experts & Coaches
  • Speech-Language Pathologist / Voice Therapist
  • Audiology & Hearing Specialists
  • Massage Therapists


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Breakthrough Results

John C Maxwell and Mary Riesberg

So what does our friend John C. Maxwell have to say about the COVE?