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The Nation’s Premier Vocal Wellness & Training Destination.

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Welcome to the COVE!

The Nation's Premier Vocal Wellness
& Training Destination.


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Our team of experts specializes in diagnosing and treating the most complex vocal conditions.

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Maintain your profitability and quality of life with an annual vocal exam.


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Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a future sensation the experts at the COVE will work with you to bring your vocal performance to a new level.


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Looking for great advice from some of the worlds most esteemed professionals? Enjoy these free resources that will help you command your performance.

John Maxwell & Mary Riesberg

Breakthrough Results

“I went up to Michael and Mary’s Center of Vocal Excellence after having a persistent cough for 3 years… in two days my cough was completely gone.”

—John C. Maxwell
International Speaker, Leadership Expert, and Best-Selling Author



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Find the latest products and resources recommended by our team of experts.

Michael and Mary are pioneers in the development of a vocal wellness center that caters to the needs of influential and high profile speakers.

B. Ress

Physician and Entrepreneur

The Nation’s Premier Vocal Wellness
& Training Destination.